What is Sensory Integration ?

It is the process in which our brain and nervous system takes in information from our senses, interprets it and organizes the information so that persons can function through daily life activities such as driving, eating, dressing, learning, playing, working etc.

How Do I Know If My child needs an occupational therapy screening or evaluation?

Your child may need a screening or evaluation if he or she is having difficulty with becoming over stimulated or over reacting to sensory inputs through sight, sound, etc., strongly dislikes self care activities such as bathing, hair cuts, brushing teeth; uses inappropriate amounts of pressure or force on objects or others/pets; has poor muscle tone, fatigues easily leans on people; has difficulty with sleep/wake cycles, fussy inconsolable or easily startled; slow to meet motor and developmental milestones, clumsy, bumps into things, not aware of self in relation to others or objects, has difficulty learning new motor tasks, struggling with school.

What are the sessions like?

Because of the nature of play as a child's occupation many of the activities will look like play. However, the activities that have been chosen by the therapist in conjunction with the child will be provided in a means that helps that particular child achieve his or her given goals. Child driven games, play themes, equipment will help the child stay engaged, yet challenge him or her in the area they need to develop.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are between 45-50 minutes with time to consult with parents and caregivers given at the end of each session to discuss activities completed during the session, purpose of the activities and help parents/caregivers make a plan for follow up activities in the home and community so that goals are addressed in all aspects of the child's life.

Can I participate in my child's therapy sessions?

Yes. We highly recommend parent participation in the child’s therapy. Parent/family education is an important piece to the services at the Kioko Center and will have an impact on the child’s progress.

My child is receiving OT in the school- Does he or she still needs more services?

Of course that will depend on the child and the issues that he/she may be facing. School based therapy is focused solely on educationally based goals and may not address all of your child’s needs. Private therapy sessions are typically able to take advantage of better facilities and equipment as well as the experience of multiple therapists collaborating together.